What love between owner and dog: this man cycled 2,800 km to honor the memory of his beloved dog

The man traveled from the UK to his dog’s hometown almost 2,800 kilometres.

After offering a dog he adopted in Romania the best possible life, Joe Fielding decided to take on the challenge to honor his memory. Bold and exciting…

Joe Fielding and his girlfriend Shelby adopted eight-month-old Romy from Romania. However, after 2 years, their beloved pet suddenly died of an illness.

According to his owners, he was a dog full of life, happy under any circumstances and loving his family.

Today, the couple is raising funds for the charity Flori’s Friend Rescue to help them shelter stray and abused dogs across Europe.

To do this, Joe Fielding created an incredible project. After researching Romie’s birthplace online, she decided to take a bike ride to honor her memory and help raise funds for the orphanage.

A 30-year-old man found that the distance from the UK to Romie’s hometown is almost 2,800 kilometers.

Before embarking on this challenge, the 30-year-old, although athletic, did not have much cycling experience. “I played football all my life and ran a few 10K runs here and there,” he explained.

For 4 weeks, he documented his travels on social media. The task, which he acknowledged, was “physically and mentally very difficult” but worth it.

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