What cute friends: a little cat saved a beautiful dog and now they have become best friends

The dog made a new friend who helped him overcome his fear.

This cute kitty is named Chucky and the dog is named Lucky. They were both taken to the orphanage at the same time. Lucky had a lot of problems, but Chucky was active, lively and fast.

A passer-by saw a dog on the road, got scared for him and asked for help.

The veterinarian found out that high temperature was to blame for the low sugar level. For some reason he didn’t respond to the medication and no one knew what to do.

So one of the vets suggested putting Chucky and Lucky together, and it turned out amazing. The dog immediately became close to them and after a while began to feel better.

After 15 days, he fully recovered and made a new friend who helped him overcome his fear. Lucky was not physically healthy as he was taken away from his parents and siblings too early, the veterinarian said.

However, after making Chucky his sidekick, he quickly recovered, fulfilling the happiness of life. However, there is more. They quickly became friends with the same family, and currently the friends live together and are happy.

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