What can be seen in a wooden mirror? Interactive art by Danny Rossin

What a wonderful wooden mirror

Деревянное зеркало Дэнни Розина

Have you ever seen a woodpecker that looks like a deer? Yes. If you believe such a joke does not occur in nature, the accused Danny Rozin will show you otherwise. This man created a jar out of 830 wooden dishes, in which he can see his own image and make any desire.

Деревянное зеркало Дэнни Розина

The concept is simple but brilliant: a small camera placed next to a glass gathers lighter and darker data, which is then sent to a processor, which analyses it and controls thousands of microscopic electric engines. As you might expect, each motor is attached on the back of a wooden plate, forming a ”mirror” of the person standing in front of it on the mirror’s surface. The inherent smoothness of the wooden surface, as well as the angle at which the plates are turned, produce delicate gradients of picture colors.

As an outcome, you can see a picture in a wooden mirror that seems more like a spirit than a genuine person. This ghost, on the other hand, travels in live time and follows your every motion. It’s a fascinating and rather disturbing sight to behold!

Деревянное зеркало Дэнни Розина

The concept is based on a simple yet profound concept: that everything in our environment serves as a form of mirror. Danny Rosin illustrates not only human progress in tech, but also the reality that every item in our world is susceptible of reflection by employing an intrinsically non-reflective surface to produce mirrors.

Danny Rosin is a digital artist and entrepreneur who specializes in installation media. He produces works and artworks with the unusual ability to transform and engage with the audience right before their eyes. Even though the author frequently employs machines in his work, they are rarely visible to the audience. Danny is a New Yorker who was born in Jerusalem and now works and lives there.

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Source: Kulturologia

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