What a wonderful story: this dog was so happy when they bought him a swimming pool

 What a wonderful story: this dog was so happy when they bought him a swimming pool

This dog’s family decided to get him his own pool for those steamy summer days.

Dogs are known to be energetic little creatures. Dogs are naturally excitable, so when something special happens, they often react in a boisterous and charming way.

French Bulldog Jude is a perfect example of this.

This puppy lives in the UK. Although the UK is not known for having the best weather, it can get quite hot in the summer. So, Jude’s family decided to give him his own pool for hot summer days.

When Jude saw the pool, he couldn’t resist.

He runs around the pool, pauses for a moment, and with some support from his human, the short-legged wonder jumps into the water like a frog and jumps back in one motion. Like a pogo stick.

How is this possible? His owner looks at the bulldog and tells him to go again. Jude runs around the pool, jumping back and forth in one motion, as if he just jumped off the surface of the water.

And just in case, he does it again, the illusion is still the same as the first time.

In the third spin, Jude jumps into the pool again, but this time he stays in it, splashing and even drinking water.

The spectator says: “This pool should be filled with spring water”.

It’s very possible. Who knows what this magical water is? Another viewer said, “I love that French Bulldogs are either very lazy or just out of their minds”.

Jude splashes a little, just enjoying the feeling of cooling in the water.

Until his energy level recharges. She jumps back out of the pool after taking a look at her man before basking in the sun. We know that feeling, Jude.

Look at the face of Judas. This is just one very awake dog.

I wonder if he has English tea or French coffee. Where does he get so much energy in heat? Its owner can be seen simply lying, basking in the sun, and the dog is simply restless. I’m glad he likes the pool.

Jude seems to be quite outgoing. If you wish, you can follow his Instagram account. You will see that this is a dog with excellent taste. Jude is also very photogenic.