What a wonderful story: these kind and caring dolphins saved a little dog from drowning

 What a wonderful story: these kind and caring dolphins saved a little dog from drowning

A little cinnamon-brown terrier was saved by dolphins in this incident.

Dolphins are intelligent, observant mammals that are often praised for saving people and other animals when they are in need. While they have a reputation for being funny, they can also be unpredictable and protective.

There are several stories about dolphins protecting people from predators or about sailing ships in rough waters.

Dolphins rescued a small brown terrier in the rough waters of a canal near Marco Island, Florida. The little dog must have had a hard time staying buoyant when a pod of dolphins came into view.

The dolphins swam up to the frightened dog and began to circle and bark at him. Some of the locals in the area were curious about the disturbance and went to the edge of the canal to investigate.

Luckily, they spotted a small puppy that was floundering wildly in the water surrounded by dolphins.

An exhausted dog pushed one of the dolphins to the surface with its snout, while another dolphin was seen under the dolphin to help keep it afloat.

The dolphins seemed to know what they needed to do to keep the dog alive, while at the same time getting the attention of humans so they could help rescue the dog from the depths of the ocean.

Eyewitnesses immediately called the fire department. Rescuers rushed to save the poor little puppy from the raging waters that threatened to drown him.

Firefighters guessed that the unfortunate creature remained under water for 15 hours while providing first aid.

Lucky no doubt owes his survival to a pod of dolphins who rescued him after he had the foresight to call for help.

Not to mention the heroic firefighters who rushed to help.