What a wonderful scene: the moment these cute owls kiss was caught on camera

Many photographs have been taken of a touching moment between owls.

Instead of breeding partners, siblings were huddled in the woods with a dedicated duo.

Lesley Arnott, 55, from Staffordshire, captured the scene teaching people how to shoot static and flying owls as part of a partnership between Country Events and Falconry.

“The owls are trained, but they are allowed to fly freely in the woods so that customers can take pictures of them”. Leslie expressed her thoughts.

“It was very nice when they landed and started a little intimacy together, despite the fact that the birds are trained”.

“They started stroking their heads and became very affectionate. Then there was a moment where they seemed to be kissing”.

“It was definitely unintentional, but I have never seen such a spectacle either before or since, despite numerous attempts to persuade them to reproduce it for others”.

“Both birds are very attached to each other and work very well together, but they are not a breeding pair; instead, they are sisters”.

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