What a wonderful idea: this old man decides to build a train for all the rescued dogs

This man takes the dogs out at least twice a week on a train he built.

Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old grandfather, lives in a Texas town where the locals are used to letting their pets out. Animals are left to themselves as best they can.

At that moment, Eugene and his brother appeared.

“We decided to feed these homeless animals by welcoming them, spaying them and helping them get to the vet.” “We built a dog adoption house,” Eugene said with Dodo.

Then Eugene noticed a man driving a tractor. “Wow, that would make a great dog train!” “I’m a pretty decent welder,” Eugene added, “so I took a lot of plastic pipes with holes, put wheels under them and welded them together.

“It all started with my tractor… I would load up 4-5 dogs and take them on adventures.”

“Suddenly, two more cubs appeared. “Oh, there’s not enough room”, I said, “and then I thought about it”.

“I’m a pretty good welder, so I put wheels under those plastic barrels with holes drilled in them…”

“Dude, these cute pets are so surprised when they hear me pull up to the truck!”

Eugene takes the dogs out at least twice a week.

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