What a unique story: this wonderful Rottweiler gave birth to around 15 puppies in one night

On the morning of her due date, the dog gave birth to nine puppies in total.

When Jessie, Eleanor Asher’s Rottweiler, was expecting the puppies, she was told to count from six to eight, but she was surprised when the time came.

On the morning of her birth, Jessie went into labor and ended up giving birth to a total of nine babies. It’s right. In total, Jessie gave birth to 15 puppies.

Turns out it’s the second largest litter in the UK, contrary to what you might think, that’s enough to break records. The largest litter has 18 puppies. It took about seven hours for Jesse to give birth.

Imagine the emotions this new mom felt when each dog was born. No, Jessie’s owners didn’t expect to have so many little puppies.

To say they were stunned would be an understatement.

It also turns out that Jessie is a wonderful mother, not letting anyone near the puppies, not even helping with feeding. She is a mother who does everything herself.

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