What a touching scene: this homeless man sleeps every day with his beloved and faithful dog in his arms

Here is the scene of a homeless man who holds a dog on his arm.

The internet is probably a great repository of weird and funny photos, as well as educational content, less nice, less nice and exclusive, often unfiltered, consisting of capturing the truth about things, both in their outlines and in their beauty.

So it turns out that every time the frame flows out of the window, like a face, a moving scene appears, which makes you stop and push for some moments of reflection on the value of the truth, which one.

An image of a homeless man holding a dog was posted on Instagram, a scene that equates to the sadness of suffering, but also to the tenderness of compassion and therefore a hint of hope.

As is often the case, everyone is eager to provide what they need, to touch, like in a Rorschach blot, and challenged to find out what they are actually conveying inside.

In the possibility of reading, one cannot help but think that, despite the poverty and what it means to measure on the road, this photo carries an important message.

That person and his puppy rest peacefully among everyone, giving each other warmth and luxury.

Aliens are not alone, but they can trust the unconditional love of a true friend, a guardian soul without wings but with four paws.

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