What a touching scene: the elephants gathered to pay tribute to the dying leader

This scene looks like it is from a touching blockbuster and this is very officially.

A herd of elephants gathered near the Kalawewa reserve in Sri Lanka to give the last debt to his dying leader! They tried to hug their respected leader, killed by an opponent, at this last moment. What a tragic loss of elephants for this!

Almost 300 elephants gathered to say goodbye to this great leader!

According to the study by the 2006 University of Oxford, elephants, unlike people, mourn the death of a family or friends! They are also trying to help those who are dying or sick, in the hope that they will recover!

To say that animals are similar to people is wrong, because inhuman animals can express emotions without shame or regret. They live in the present moment and completely experience their emotions!

People, on the other hand, hide, pretend to feel, or simply ignore their emotions.

These animals are so emotional! We must do more so that these smart animals do not die out !!!

These animals are so incredible that‼ Nom needs to be done more to protect these smart animals from extinction.

Elephants are such beautiful precious amazing animals.

God grant health to them and all animals.

Watch the touching story in the video below:

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