What a sweet story: this good elephant wanted to save his master, thinking that he was drowning

 What a sweet story: this good elephant wanted to save his master, thinking that he was drowning

It is amazing how the elephant knew about the danger of his caretaker.

How no one loves elephants? They are very smart, loving, kind, affectionate, faithful to those who treat them well, emotional and absolutely charming and excellent!

They feel love, sadness, fear, sadness, joy and all the emotions that people experience!

This story shows us the other side of the elephants, the giant elephant may seem very slow, but their love for their guardian is very strong, and they can even endanger themselves for their beloved.

Derrick, an employee of the natural park in Thailand, takes elephants for a walk along the river, as usual in the hot summer months.

However, while Derrick was swimming in the water and seemed to be carried away by the current, an unexpected scene occurred.

Without hesitation, the elephant approached him and dragged him back, the elephant seemed hasty and was afraid of danger.

The man was in order, and the water was not too deep, but the determination of the brave elephant made him cry!

The elephant fled as quickly as he could approach and help him his trunk so that he could cling and run away. Nothing threatened the man, but he did not abandon the courage and kindness of the elephant, he clung to the trunk and all the time said thanks to the elephant, he is really charming!

This cute confusion with elephants conquered the hearts of many! Everyone praised the wisdom, courage and gratitude of the elephant. He would have saved life if he had been in a really dangerous situation.

This shows the love that she experiences for her caretaker, he should have been kind to her, she would not love him so much, and the elephants simply love with all my heart, we do not attach the proper meaning to them!

What an amazing thing that the elephant does for his guardian, which is why we love elephants so much, they have such smart animals.

Elephants are so loving, sensitive, majestic animals.

God bless the God of this elephant …