What a sweet meeting: this huge beautiful Husky first saw his dear brother

Cute when kids and animals get along so well, parents are delighted.

This huge Husky is about to meet his younger brother for the first time. Will everything go according to plan? When their fur kids and human cubs get along so well, fur parents are delighted.

This really complements their family. But the achievement of this moment always causes a nervous breakdown. What if your human child is afraid of a dog and crying whenever she is approaching? What if the dog despises human children and barks or growl every time he sees them?

What is even worse that if a dog hurts a human child?

However, if we watched enough videos about dogs and children, we know that such scenarios are extremely rare. Dogs can be afraid to approach tiny people, but as soon as they sniff them, they fall in love with them. Husky Teddy lives with his brothers Malamuts, Phil and Nico, as well as with his Brother Milo, who thinks he is malamut.

In this video, they get acquainted with their new member of the family, their human younger brother.

However, before they could meet him, the dogs had to be instructed and time to calm them down. Their parents decided to present them one at a time so as not to overload their younger brother.

Their parents perfectly prepared dogs for the arrival of his younger brother.

They prepared the scene, allowing them to first smell the clothes and hats of the child. They already felt the pregnancy of their mother and knew that something should change in their house and in their life. The father also took out a stroller for the child, which the dogs examined before sniffing.

Do you think the dogs are ready to meet their new brother or sister?

Since Phil and Nico had already passed through this with their sister Amelia, their parents decided to start with Teddy. Teddy is the youngest of the dogs and has not yet encountered it.

Mom brought Teddy the first to get to know his younger brother.

Teddy first sniffed his dad, and then the child, because dad kept their younger brother in the recreation area. Teddy was intrigued. Who is this baby? Why is it not completely covered with fur?

Teddy’s head was held by the pope’s free hand so that he would not be too excited.

And you know what? Teddy realized that he needed to remain calm to be near his brother. He climbed onto the sofa, sat next to his father and licked his face, looked and sniffed him.

Perhaps he is still puzzled by this new tiny little man and is still trying to understand who he is. But, you know, if his parents can trust this tiny little man, perhaps he is not so bad.

Want to see the whole reaction of Teddy to his new younger brother?

Watch the video below.

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