What a sweet face: this dog always looks joyful and won millions of hearts with this

This cute dog will turn any routine event into a holiday.

A loyal group of his neighbors love Bacca for his endless smile. The dog always looks joyful and has now become the subject of an internet obsession.

The dog’s owners ridicule him, stating that since he can turn any routine event into a holiday, he never has a terrible day.

Even when he sleeps, he looks alert. Bacca owners love long hikes and travel. Bacca wears his headdress to look like a big tourist when he goes camping with them.

You might think that Bacca is not doing well because he always shines, but in fact he is just a normal dog with endless hope.

Owners also know that animals need individual and unique attention. The most charming thing about Bacca is that he is already nine years old.

He is sometimes mistaken for a small dog due to his small stature and friendly demeanor.

But by human standards, he is well over sixty. However, he is a whirlwind of activity.

He begins to spin incessantly, as soon as happiness and pleasure take possession of him. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the dog’s positive look. Isn’t he cute?

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