What a sweet creature: this wonderful baby of the sea cat crawls on ice and conquers hearts

They are so beautiful and so expensive and no one should hurt them.

Babies of sea cats are one of the cutest animals on Earth. They have large sparkles, curly mustache, as well as a magnificent layer of fur. Nevertheless, these animals are really shy, careful, as well as elusive on camera.

Many experts in digital photography of nature spent months or years to get closer to these children and photograph them.

He is so similar to Falcor from the «endless story» in the first picture!

Alexey Trofimov, a photographer from Russia shares: «I finally broke a cute children’s cap on his lens after 3 years of attempt to get closer to this variety».

A pretty baby a seal crawled on the ice near Lake Baikal in Russia. A gentle creature seemed to be interested in others. His eyes remained widely open when he walked.

It was a very unusual and special moment.

Fluffy kids of seals mean mercy. They need to be protected, as well as provide a normal life.

Absolutely beautiful! We love seals, but to think about what some people are doing is terrible. All that we want is so that the animals live a happy and healthy life, and this is one of my greatest desires in this world.

Such a charming baby. These eyes are so cute!

Such a precious small animal, I hope he can live without hunters.

It looks like a little baby!

I hope no one will offend this sweet baby!

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