What a surprise: this dog was thin, but under the fur was a beautiful real cutie

 What a surprise: this dog was thin, but under the fur was a beautiful real cutie

The animal looked very pathetic and was too thin and overgrown with fur.

This is a touching story about Molly the dog, who looked a little unattractive and was very unhappy. Molly was homeless. By the time she was found, she had been living in the forest for several months. The animal looked very sorry. She was too thin and overgrown with fur. She had absolutely nothing to eat, so she ate everything she could get her hands on, including foil and rags. But there were kind people who were not embarrassed by her deceptive appearance, and they gave the cutie a new life.

Molly is a two-year-old dog who lived in the forest. She was emaciated and terrified, and her matted hair hung down, when she was rescued by volunteers from the Wilson County Humane Society.

When the dog was brought to the hospital, a lot of inedible objects were found in her stomach: stones, acorns, rags and foil.

They cut out about 2.5 kg of the cutie’s tangled hair at the hospital.

After the haircut, Molly weighed about 11 kg less than half her normal weight.

Luckily, surgery was not required to remove the strange objects from her stomach, but the dog needed care and attention.

Upon learning of the dog, New Jersey-based animal welfare organization Burlington County Animal Alliance offered to take care of her health.

And after a while, the dog went there on a Flying Fur Animal Rescue plane.

She flew, clutching the passenger seat, occasionally raising her head to look out the window.

She spent three weeks in New Jersey before joining her new family.

At first she was very shy, but three children and two other dogs helped her relax.

Her new owner, Cheryl Sgroy, says that at first the dog twitched with every squeak, but now she is very calm.

Now the dog is healthy and full of energy. She runs in the snow and plays with her dog friends.

Cheryl admits that she is very grateful to everyone who helped them shelter Molly. The whole family loves her very much.