What a noble deed! The dog hurried at the girl and did not allow her get to the car

This was a crucial lesson for little Harper.

Rodney Bacon went to his car to get his things together with his daughter Harper who is 3. And the girl started screaming all of a sudden.

Unexpectedly, the father heard the cry of a girl. ”Why are you pushing me?” stop it.

Rodney Bacon’s family lives in Oviedo, Idaho. Their house stands in the immense heath, overgrown with wormwood.

The man was so preoccupied with his own thoughts that he did not spot how their German Shepherd Trek’s Pitbull Grace ran away from home.

Trek was the first to spot several snakes in the tall grass close to the car and made an attempt to keep the girl away from them.

And Grace instantly attacked the reptiles. By the time Rodney got out the shovel and broke the second snake, the pit bull had already dealt with the first one.

But then Grace unexpectedly vanished somewhere. That evening he did not come home.

A solution was not found until the next day when the dog came back with horribly swollen snake venom.

“I think when Grace was poisoned by a rattlesnake yesterday, he made up his mind to run away to the prairies and die there alone, leaving no one in trouble. “A noble deed,” says Rodney.

But by morning the influence of the poison weakened, and the dog returned to the master. And the man jumped into the SUV and hurried to the vet facility.

It turned out that she looked terrible, Grace was treated and restored. And that was a crucial lesson for little Harper.

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