What a good story: this dog who lived in the shelter noticed that the girl needed help and rushed to help

The mother decided to adopt the dog that saved her daughter’s life.

Melissa wasn’t sure if her daughter was ready for a dog, but this divine moment pushed her to adopt a dog that saved her daughter’s life. They say we don’t choose our pets. Our pets choose us.

This is true for many people, especially those who want to have a pet. We go to shelters and look at different animals for adoption. With so many to choose from, how can we choose the exact pet we need in our lives?

The story of how Picasso found his eternal home is a classic example of a dog choosing a master. People might think it’s a fluke, but one family believes it was the answer to a prayer for a teenage girl they found on the side of the road.

A stranger found Picasso wandering in Charleston, West Virginia.

He picked him up and took him to the Kanawha-Charleston Humanitarian Association. Picasso had neither a collar nor a microchip, so he was in the shelter with the hope that one day he would be adopted.

All in all, he was a good guy. He behaved well and they knew that finding him a home would not be difficult. This allowed him to join the other dogs in the local holiday parade.

During the event, shelter volunteer Kim Vigneau walked with Picasso.

The shelter does this in the hope that there will be people who will notice and show interest in adopting these dogs. But for Picasso it was the opposite. He was the one who found the person meant for him.

He found the girl sitting on the side of the street. According to Kim, he looked upset. Picasso pulled the collar and approached the girl. What he did was nothing less than a miracle.

At this point, Abby Ellis had a panic attack.

She remembered how Picasso touched her head with his nose and rested his head against it. Then he began to caress her and remembered how safe he felt at that very moment. In the blink of an eye, he felt better.

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