What a cute story: this service dog immediately bonds with a cat and they become inseparable

This friendly service dog got very excited after seeing the cat.

Service dogs are very responsible and well trained dogs. If necessary, they should provide various types of services. With so many responsibilities on the shoulders of a dog, puppies can forget about the fun in their lives.

A similar situation happened in the life of the golden retriever Samson.

Although Samson was a working dog, he was very afraid of people and other dogs. He helped people with all his heart.

But, unfortunately, he avoided communication with other dogs.

Samson would often sit in the corner of a room or garden while other dogs played next to him. Despite wanting to mingle with other dogs, Samson could never muster the courage.

Owner Samson was worried about his condition. So soon she brought the baby home to play with Samson.

Surprisingly, the service dog got very excited when he saw the cat. He seemed to relax a little, making the owner believe that it was convenient for Samson to bring the cat home.

The family named the kitten Cleo. Samson jumped and played with Cleo in his spare time. Seeing Samson come out of his shell after meeting Cleo was heartbreaking.

He will spend as much time with Cleo as possible.

Cleo often climbed onto the Samson and rested during the long marches. Their owner tied Cleo tightly to Samson so that the kitten would not fall when the dog was walking.

Samson also made sure he walked discreetly with his feline brother in his tent.

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