What a cute story: this incredibly loyal and caring dog must meet his little owner at the bus stop every day

This dog is one of those who had a remarkable gesture toward his best friend.

We teach dogs various tricks.

The basics of our set of tricks: sit, stand, lie down, stay, roll over, roll over and play dead. It may not seem like much, but when our dogs can do it, we are very proud of them. We even show!

But there are things that dogs do that are truly extraordinary. They even have some antics they do on their own that will surprise us.

Cody is one of those dogs that had a wonderful gesture towards his best friend.

He came into Autumn’s life when he was still a puppy, and it was love at first sight. The two became best friends and were completely inseparable.

Cody knew that she would always be his man, no matter how old they both were. Autumn’s grandmother, Kelly, shared how this beloved dog shows her love and devotion to her best friend.

And she showed it with a simple gesture while waiting for the school bus.

When Autumn went to school, Cody was waiting for her bus at the end of the driveway. He sat patiently and greeted her as she got off the bus.

He took her backpack and brought her to his house. They also noticed how he looked back and checked on Autumn to make sure she could catch up to him.

And every time he has been far ahead, you can be sure that Cody will go above and beyond to make sure he walks alongside his best friend.

Kelly said that Cody wasn’t taught that.

It was something that he started to do himself and, perhaps seeing how fascinated everyone was with his actions, he continued to do it. And he did it not only for autumn.

Kelly saw how much Cody loved her granddaughter.

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