What a cute scene: this wonderfully unique koala is trying her best not to fall asleep while being massaged

It turns out these hands are too soft for this fluffy ball as she instantly fells asleep.

If you’ve ever wondered what could be better than a koala, we have the answer: the sleepy koala. In the super adorable clip, the koala can barely keep his eyes open while his caretaker pampers him with a facial massage (deservedly, I think).

It turns out that the caretaker’s hands are too soft for this fluffy ball, as she immediately falls asleep.

A touching video posted by the Australian Reptile Park shows how the cute koala is treated like a princess. Almost every day, her handler offers her a special treatment that includes pleasant moments of tummy massage and facial massage.

Needless to say, a spoiled koala named Elsa enjoys every moment. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he even struggles to stay awake. But after all, who can resist such charm?

Although she has been called “the coolest koala in the zoo”, Elsa’s life hasn’t always been like this. Shortly after she was born, she had to be taken away from her mother because she could not produce milk and therefore could not breastfeed her baby.

Luckily, the caring people at the zoo took care of Elsa and fed her around the clock. But among them was Hayley Shute, also known as the “Koala Charmer”, who has been taking care of baby koalas since they were born.

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