What a cute scene: this wonderful cat became close to a dog and a caring family adopted the cat

As a result, this cat became friends with a dog and gained the self-assurance.

Shorty is a loving cat who was rescued last year by a rescue organization in Los Angeles, California (USA).

He was then transferred to the Mission Hills Best Friends Animal Orphanage to give life a better chance.

As a result, he befriended the dog and gained the confidence he needed to win the hearts of his owners.

The cat gently patted the volunteers’ legs as she entered the shelter. Everyone knew that he was a wonderful person who, no doubt, wanted to give and receive love.

Unfortunately, Shorty’s condition worsened, requiring a blood transfusion at the veterinarian.

As a result of this treatment, Shorty’s health improved significantly, and everyone saw this as a real miracle. The cat returned to the shelter after making a full recovery and was waiting to be picked up by his family.

According to best friend grooming expert Michelle LaPalme:

“I was afraid that if he lay on the floor too long, he might get sick again (due to stress). He just prayed that someone would soon come along and recognize the uniqueness of this boy”.

Best Friends Contest in order to help this adorable cat find a permanent home, Mamie Maxwell decided to give him a foster family.

Shorty was very shy at first, only going out to eat, and then hiding behind the sofa and closet in the hallway.

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