What a cute scene: this loyal caring dog fell in love with her sister who was not even born yet

When the owner got pregnant the dog seems to understand what’s going on.

Even though we are flooded with photos and videos of dogs on the internet these days, it still amazes me how often they understand things and know what is going on.

One such dog is Penelope, who lives with her owner Juliana and her family in Brazil.

Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant, and while her baby is still a long way off, baby Penelope seems to understand exactly what’s going on.

Recently, Penelope has been more attached to Juliana. However, as seen in the video, when the mom-to-be sat on the couch, Penelope made her feelings clear.

Juliana said:

I think she knows, yes. She feels that there is something else. We set up a little nursery and she comes in and sits under the crib. She has always been very needy and loving, but this really hooked me.

Juliana was stunned by Penelope’s reaction and sheer love for her unborn child.

She said:

She did it for the first time. It was very emotional.

I’m sure Penelope will be a great big sister.

Penelope isn’t the only one who seems to be excited about all this. After posting her video on Facebook, Juliana was inundated with reactions, with the video viewed nearly two million times.

As you can see from the video above, dogs know what’s going on. Dogs can feel what’s going on, from getting their owners pregnant to taking them to a new and loving place.

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