What a cute scene: this little dog is slowly starting to train to become a police dog

This is the most enthusiastic and energetic puppy of canine officer school.

If we could go back in time and show our ancestors what we did with the ancient connection between dogs and humans, they would probably have a few questions.

On the one hand, they will probably think that it’s great that we invited them to our house and that we treat them not so differently than the rest of our family. On the other hand, they may have some doubts about the hats, vests and bags in which we often carry them.

What they will no doubt respect is how we use their non-human powers and use them to shape our societies.

Their sense of smell and hearing are highly valued by the security services and other local authorities. Their loyalty also makes them the best companions for those who deal with dangerous and cruel people on a daily basis.

This is Sam, the most energetic and enthusiastic puppy in his kennel school. The puppy lives in Estonia, where he has already been assigned a guardian.

Christie Pie will accompany the puppy during his training. Just by looking at the photos, we can be sure that this process will not be easy at all. This puppy is able to melt the heart of anyone who is in front of him.

Sam joined the training with his brother Terror, another puppy of the same origin and breeding. The northern prefecture will be Sam’s home. Luckily for him, he has no problem making friends.

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