What a cute scene: this little blind cat immediately hugged the man at the first meeting

In any case, the cat’s lack of vision didn’t seem to bother her.

The native found Julia, a blind cat, and brought her to the shelter. The cat was physically handicapped, as well as visually impaired. In any case, her lack of vision didn’t seem to bother her.

She was all alone. Immediately afterwards, a volunteer named Holly took Julie in and took care of her while she was ready to be adopted. Despite her visual disability, Julie, according to Holly, was alive and the same as other cats.

She took the opportunity to run around the house. In an attempt to find Julia the perfect permanent home where she would be happy and content, her story was posted on Facebook.

Luckily, the wonderful couple who received Julia’s message instantly appreciated her and made the decision to adopt her without even seeing her, offering Julie the caring home she deserves.

Their relationship was wonderful until Julie passed into the hands of her new owner the moment she “saw” him. She sank on her father’s shoulder and was silent for a while. She just came into her man’s arms and offered him a beautiful hug.

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