What a cute scene: this girl lured dolphins to herself with a regular hairbrush

Soon the girl decided to try an ordinary comb to attract the attention of dolphins.

In the zoo, in the aquarium and in any place where we come to admire animals, we want them to be closer to us, so that we can see them better or even touch them. However, not all animals can be approached easily, because these are wild creatures, although they live in the city. But some cunning visitors know how to attract the attention of representatives of the fauna, using many interesting tricks.

For example, 10-year-old Ellie Mezaros did a little research before going to SeaWorld in Orlando, USA, where she especially wanted to see dolphins and attract their attention.

According to Ellie’s father, his daughter tried a huge number of methods to attract attention to herself. She used toys, a mobile phone, tapped on the glass, but nothing worked.

However, soon the girl decided to try the method with the usual comb – you just need to put it on the glass and run your finger over the teeth. The resulting sound is similar to the signals that dolphins call each other.

As it turned out, the comb method really attracts the attention of these mammals. And what’s more important, it’s very easy to repeat yourself!

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