What a cute scene: this dog was very grateful for the rescue, and could not stop hugging everyone

The dog probably never lived in a house and never received human warmth.

Tori’s dog was found on the path. The dog was sent to an animal shelter. Based on how the dog behaved, the volunteers concluded that Tori probably never lived in the house and never received human warmth.

Tori is largely accustomed to the help of rescuers. But he did not communicate with other people or beings. In any case, it soon became clear that behind all this was a sweet dog who only wanted to be loved.

The very moment Tory felt comfortable in his new environment, he began to show his love to everyone. The dog walked and wanted to hug everyone it met.

According to the shelter worker, she approached Tori at the moment when his collar was free during the first walk in the garden, and hugged him for more than fifteen minutes. It was an emotional time.

In a clear sign of gratitude for being rescued and given a wonderful new life, the dog simply rested its head on the volunteer’s thigh. Since then, Tori has hugged everyone he met and has been even more open.

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