What a cute scene: the pictures taken at this dog nursery caught everyone’s attention

Puppies, like toddlers, require a lot of love and attention.

However, full-time business owners can find it difficult to manage.

Puppy daycares are now a reality, and they are a godsend for both active puppies and their overworked owners.

While their owners are at work, the cute little puppies are busy in a place like this, playing and swimming.

However, a puppy nursery in South Korea has recently gained international attention, not because of the unique activities they offer their four-legged residents, but because they have posted some cute pictures of them sleeping.

Puppy Spring Center in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea is a child care center where adults can leave their furry little ones for the day.

Puppies are given the opportunity to participate in various activities such as physical training and games. However, daylight is included in the schedule.

A spokesman for the facility told Bored Panda that “30 dogs are reserved every day”. “From 2 pm to 3:30 pm we put the puppies to bed”.

The cost of our services varies and is determined by a number of criteria, including the length of time the dogs stay at the facility.

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