What a cute scene: the dog sat face to face with the owner in the restaurant and won hearts

 What a cute scene: the dog sat face to face with the owner in the restaurant and won hearts

It was one of the most touching scenes a restaurant customer has witnessed.

The dog and his owner eat alone, the dog behaves very exemplarily. It wasn’t long before the video was widely circulated. It’s easy to see why when you discover this…

While visiting a New York restaurant, Gemma Colon witnessed a more than charming moment, according to The Dodo.

Sitting down, the young woman was surprised to find that the client and her dog were sitting facing each other, wisely positioning the four-legged animal. “I noticed this dog sitting on a chair in front of his owner and acting like a real gentleman”, says one who calls himself gemmsauce on the TikTok social network.

It was on the latter that she posted a video of the scene, which she aptly called “The purest friendship I’ve ever seen”.

The man enjoyed his meal and drank a glass of red wine while doing a crossword puzzle. He looked at his four-legged friend, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with great kindness and tenderness, as if he were his own child. The four-legged showed exemplary behavior, which aroused the admiration of Gemma Colon: “I saw that this dog behaves at the table better than some people”, she admitted. Stuffy had a bowl of water at his disposal, which he “politely sipped”.

This was not the first time for this dog and his owner.

The footage quickly went viral and many internet users were as affected by the couple as Gemma Colon and the rest of the restaurant’s patrons. None of the latter could help but smile as they watched them.

Moreover, it would even be a ritual, as the author of the video was convinced by listening to the exchange between 2 servers. One of them explained to his colleague that the man and his dog were regulars.

“It was indeed a very pleasant meeting in great company”, concluded Gemma Colon.