What a cute scene: as soon as the owner starts singing Gnarls Barkley’s hit, his beloved dog joins in

This humorous video of the dog’s singing with his father went viral.

Although they can’t communicate, dogs love this song. We have repeatedly witnessed how they sing with their people.

However, it’s hard to find a dog as brilliant as this little chihuahua that even Ariana Grande would envy. Booboo, singing pets, everyone should know.

Booboo has always been popular, at least according to his father, but he has just become an online sensation.

It all happened when a humorous video of him singing with his father went viral, causing thousands of boarders to fall in love with their duet.

However, this is not the first time the cute Chihuahua has shown off his abilities. He conquered everyone, but, by the way, took high notes.

First published on TikTok, the adorable video shows Booboo and his 22-year-old father, Martin Gratton of Canada, duet Gnarls Barkley’s classic ”Crazy”. The owner asks his canine companion if he is ready and even kisses him to calm him down.

He then starts to sing, but when the gifted Chihuahua hits the high notes, everyone goes crazy.

Viewers loved the moment, and some even went so far as to compare Booboo to some of the most famous voices in the world. Someone asked. Is that Ariana Grande? “I can’t stop,” one user commented, “god, this video, this video is so cute, I love it!”

Despite the fact that Martin and his dog often exercise, it is clear that Booboo was born with this gift.

The owner explained. “I didn’t teach him to react to anything. It’s just natural for him”. “We were napping in the living room watching a hockey game when the national anthem played and we found out that he loves to sing”. As soon as the performer began to sing, he unexpectedly joined in.

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