What a cute dog: a Chihuahua without front paws loves to cuddle with his soft toys

A little three month old Chihuahua trying to do everything his siblings can do.

Joey can be different from other dogs. But that didn’t stop him from enjoying life. Little Joey, a three-month-old Chihuahua, is trying to do everything his siblings can do.

Despite the fact that he has no front legs, he still runs and jumps like other dogs. Kristen Peralta, founder of Vintage Pet Rescue, says Joey is one of the happiest dogs she has ever seen. Despite his disability, he runs, jumps, plays, enjoys life and loves hugs. Since he is still very small, having exhausted all his strength, he runs to take a nap.

Joey loves to sleep hugging his toys, especially the lamb chop, which is the same size as him. It was first given to the Humane Society and then given to Vintage Pet Rescue. They specialize in older dogs and dogs with special needs. Kristen’s main task is to provide Joey with complete comfort. She does not want him to feel that he is somehow different from others or that he lacks something to enjoy life. And she is happy to see him running back and forth, jumping up the stairs. Nothing can stop it.

Joey will be available for adoption after being castrated and fitted to a wheelchair. Peralta is confident that their phones will be full of applications from those who want to adopt Joey. After all, her lifelong desire and eternal positive will undoubtedly help to find a loving family.

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