What a brave cat: from birth this cat has problems, but the baby goes through everything

 What a brave cat: from birth this cat has problems, but the baby goes through everything

The cat overcame all difficulties and grew up a happy beauty.

Since childhood, the cute cat has overcome many trials, but overcame all difficulties and grew up as a happy beauty.

Animal rights activists Murphy’s Safe Haven brought in a pair of kittens who were born prematurely. At two weeks of age, they were very small and needed intensive care.

“Both kittens were very sick and had a 5% chance of survival. The first kitten died a few days later, but I was determined to save the second one”, says animal rights activist Audrey V.

The woman spent many sleepless nights feeding and raising the cute kitten, and the tiny miracle began to gain weight and strength.

“Days passed, the girl became stronger. Soon she had a name – Amelia”, adds Audrey.

Amelia was born premature and lagged behind in some ways. At the age of seven weeks, she was the size of a three-week-old creature and had just started eating from a bowl on her own.

Each new achievement of hers was joyfully celebrated by the whole family.

“Your heart skips a beat when you watch the weeks-long journey of a kitten that was predicted to live a day or three”, says Audrey.

Determined to live a fulfilling life, Amelia exceeded all expectations, which led Audrey and her family to delight.

“By ten weeks, she had reached the height of a three-four-week-old kitten, although she should have already weighed a kilogram. Her development was slow, but it was worth it”.

The kitten still had some health issues that needed to be treated.

“It soon became clear that she was not like other cats. After some additional testing, Amelia was found to have feline calcivirus. The doctor said that she survived by a miracle, given all her past diagnoses”.

When the girl was twelve weeks old, she finally weighed at least a pound, and her guardians were very proud of her. Amelia became healthier and more mischievous every day, absorbing all the love and care that was around him.

Nothing can shake her fearlessness, determination and will to live.

She showed her strong character very quickly and used her newfound energy to jump around and constantly demand Audrey’s attention.

In her free time, Amelia watched intently as her foster mother tried to snuggle up to her.

“We are getting closer and closer every day. I see something in the cutie that I have never seen in other cats before”, says Audrey.

After fighting with her health problems for several months and working hard, Amelia has noticeably recovered, got in shape and looks like a beautiful princess.

At the age of five months, she is still very small, but it is impossible not to notice her.

“I’m honored to watch her grow into the beautiful kitty she has become”, says Audrey.

“And I’ll be happy to watch her grow for many more years because Amelia stays with us”.