What a brave act: this dog incessantly pursues a mountain lion to protect his family

After seeing a mountain lion this dog put his life on the line to protect his people.

After a ”giant mountain lion” invaded the estate, the brave dog risked his life to protect his people. Rocky, a fearless dog, was tough as a rock and didn’t hold back when he came face to face with a fearsome wild cat.

Unfortunately, the dog paid a heavy price as it was seriously injured during an encounter with a dangerous beast. Luckily, Rocky was later saved by the family he was trying to protect and lived with.

Mary Padres of La Verne, Calif., came out to check after hearing the two family dogs bark furiously. However, the woman was surprised when she discovered a mountain lion in her garden.

“I panicked as soon as I saw this,” the woman said.

Rocky continued to chase the mountain lion up the hillside near their house, showing that you don’t have to be a hero just because you’re huge.

Rocky’s great courage allowed the cat to be buried in a bag, but as a result, the dog received several serious injuries.

The brave dog was taken to the hospital and is now safe, although he needed about 300 stitches to heal his wounds. The whole family is in awe of their dog who was willing to quit his job to protect others.

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