What a beautiful sight: this man made friends with his neighbor’s dogs, and they greeted each other every day

It is true that animals can become neighbors, and even best friends.

Joe has won the hearts of two small dogs that live next door to his house and can always be seen in the yard to play, feed and stroke.

Neighbors are something that almost everyone has, and sometimes it is beneficial, sometimes not.

As is often the case with puppies, and in order to win friendships, you need to show them love, affection and attention. All this was perfectly understood by a man named Joe, whom his dog neighbors love very much and visit through the fence separating their houses from his.

The owner of two experts, Amanda Lin, shared a video on TikTok that collects all the moments when her pets have fun with the man who lives next to her. The two dogs stand on their hind legs, leaning against the fence, getting petted by Joe, who strokes their heads, and they wag their tails, thus reflecting his joy at meeting him.

In the next shot, a man throws food at the two of them and they jump to pick it up.

She doesn’t know exactly what Joe did to win their heart, love, and attention, but the two little dogs love him so much that they follow him as he climbs over the same fence in his garden.

They even play there, he throws things at them in search, nothing prevents them from having fun.

A wonderful company that has gone through all the seasons and grown over time.

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