What a beautiful sight: here are 20 cats looking after their babies with care

Here are 20 sublime photos of cats and their kittens.

Cats naturally wear the friendliest and proudest look of their little ones. These photos are the best example.

The maternal instinct in cats is very strong. We can easily see their protective and caring attitude towards their little adorable babies. They touch us with their looks full of love and pride.

Here are 20 great photos of cats and their kittens.

  1. Even after they grow up, they are still his children.

  1. She makes sure everyone gets their share.

  1. This exhausted mom is slowly falling asleep.

  1. Unexpected family photo

  1. Strength is complete and breastfeeding can begin.

  1. Very cute cat with her kittens

  1. Group sleep is a feast for the eyes.

  1. Mother on patrol and babies who take her as a model

  1. This little basket will be more than enough to hold them all.

  1. Her puppies hug her.

  1. She confirms that these are indeed her cubs.

  1. She gives us her pride

  1. Box with kittens under the watchful eye of the mother

  1. Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful basket.

  1. This little speech deserves applause.

  1. She takes care of them one by one

  1. Mom is sleeping, but the kids are fine.

  1. Mother first checks if the road is clear before letting her go to play.

  1. Her babies eat while their owners fill her cup.

  1. The family is complete

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