Viral Moment at Cannes: James Fonda Throws Award Scroll to Justine Triet in Comical Gesture

This is what happened at Cannes Film Festival.🧐

Veteran actress James Fonda presented Justine Triet with the Palme d’Or Award during the event.

Fonda said that the event was a historic moment and praised the festival for its progression in this area as seven female filmmakers were nominated.

The filmmaker is only the third female director to win the award.

After she was presented with the award and went to the stage to give her acceptance speech, in the excitement, she forgot the rolled-up scroll that came with the award.

In the moment, Fonda tried to reach out to give her the scroll, however, she eventually flung the paper towards the director, simultaneously raising her hands in a comically defeated gesture.

That moment was filmed in video, and it has now gone viral.

Before that scene, the 85-year-old actress shared her honest comments on some of her A-list former co-stars, including Robert Redford and Katharine Hepburn.

As per Deadline, she revealed that Redford is a very good person, however, he did not like to kiss.

She also revealed that she contacted Hepburn to congratulate her on her Oscar win.

She says that when working on the film with Hepburn and her father, Henry Fonda, they were all nominated for the award, however, she didn’t win.

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