Very touching story: this woman adopted a dog with the same disease as her daughter

 Very touching story: this woman adopted a dog with the same disease as her daughter

This dog they were planning to adopt had the same rare disease as their daughter.

A mother from Minnesota was shocked to learn that the bitch she planned to have had the same rare disease as her daughter. This only strengthened her decision to take her in.

Nicki Mikolai always remembers the birth of his daughter Avery 15 years ago and the terrible time that followed with great emotion.

The baby did suffer from pulmonary stenosis, which corresponds to a narrowing of the pulmonary artery, which restricts blood flow.

Today, the teenager is leading an almost normal life thanks to a pacemaker implanted in him.

Recently, while in lockdown, Avery and her mom were looking for a dog to adopt. While visiting the website of No Dog Left Behind, located in downtown Brooklyn, Minnesota (northern USA), they came across a photo of Annie, a pit bull/Siberian husky mix. Before adopting the dog, she was abandoned on a farm in Kentucky.

Annie had a heart murmur and required a thorough examination by a veterinarian to determine the cause. Nicki Mikolai offered to act as a foster mother to see if living together would work for him and possibly help her find a new family when she recovered.

The diagnosis was announced a few days after the dog returned home. Annie suffered from two heart problems, one of which was… pulmonary stenosis. So does Avery. Mother could not believe her ears.

Annie was to undergo the same treatment, a balloon valvuloplasty. A small balloon is inserted into the narrowed artery using a catheter and then inflated to widen it. The object is then scattered and removed.

The operation was performed last month at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital. A few days later, Nicky Mikolai officially adopted her.

Annie is getting better and better, she even started running and playing again. Mother and daughter are happy to see her so happy and in good shape. For them, if Annie was born with the same disease as Avery, it must have been a sign that they were destined to meet.