Very interesting scene: this teacher with her dog came up with something very interesting for her students

This dog’s presence in video lessons is very popular with schoolchildren.

Covid-19 is requiring Jessie Bekkedahl to teach her kindergarten students online, but she can count on a top-notch assistant. This is her dog Ginger, whose presence in these video lessons is very popular with schoolchildren.

Jessie Bekkedahl, 40, teacher at Emerson Elementary School in Riverside, California. The institution had to close in March 2020 due to the virus epidemic.

Since then, the teacher has been conducting lessons virtually through videos posted on the YouTube platform.

Her channel is called ”Professor Ginger” because the protagonist of these educational videos is none other than her dog Ginger, according to People.

This Pembroke Welsh Corgi cross appears there either alone or in the company of two other animals in the family.

The dog is always happy to teach his owner’s lessons, as seen in the video below, where he helps children learn to count. To do this, Jessie Bekkedahl encourages him to point his muzzle at the appropriate numbers associated with the boxes.

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