Very adorable scene: managed to capture a cute panda happily playing in the snow

Fortunately, the wonderful incident was captured on film.

Snow can cause severe headaches in adults. Bad weather brings bad news, from street closures to remote locations and travel delays. But not for everyone; If you ask a child, there is no better time for fun than winter. The animals also seem to focus on the pleasant elements of winter, not just the little people.

It turns out that when it comes to adorable moments of animal fun, nothing beats panda snow. Pandas are one of those creatures that look cute no matter what they do due to their exceptionally attractive appearance.

Falling down in the snow and pretending no one is watching, this young guy is having a lot of fun. Fortunately, the miraculous event was caught on film.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an animal completely lose control as it enters the snow.

The Portland Oregon Zoo was forced to close several years ago due to weather conditions. However, the animals had a great time playing in the giant enclosure.

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