Unreal story: this kind woman did everything to save her sweet best friend

 Unreal story: this kind woman did everything to save her sweet best friend

To treat the dog, this woman sells pastries and even her own plasma.

Shana Lowell commutes from Denham Springs to Baton Rouge twice a week to donate her plasma to raise money to care for her 13-year-old Kodiak.

Shana Lowell told the Louisiana Humane Society (HSLA) that Kodiak is her only pet.

The veterinarian currently believes that Kodiak may have a bulging disc, a displaced disc, or a spinal infection. However, they will not be able to confirm the diagnosis until the MRI results are available.

Unfortunately, Lowell was unable to pay $2,500 to $3,500 for an MRI.

Despite this, the Maurepas family was determined to find a way to pay for the veterinarian’s services. To cash in on her cherished Kodiak, she quickly began selling baked goods in addition to giving away plasma.

“I spent 17 years working in the animal rescue industry. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years saving homeless animals and helping others financially with their pets.

I used to have a well-paid job that allowed me to help others, but now I’m disabled.

Even when I try to save money for my pet crises, the funds are very limited,” she wrote.

“This scenario with my dog/child/best friend turned into unbearable pain. Seeing how she suffers, it hurts me.

Kadiak, who has been with me for 12 years, has been by my side during the darkest times of my life, and I REFUSE to euthanize her because I can’t afford to take care of her”, she continued.

According to KALB, the message continued, “I don’t expect much because everyone has their own difficulties and there isn’t enough money for so many people, but even if it’s $5, my heart is completely warmed by any support I get”.

The event has since raised over $6,500. Many others, including Jeff Dorson, director of the HSLA, have been influenced by Lowell’s love and dedication to her dog.

“Shana is truly a hero. I have never heard of anyone selling their plasma to raise money for their animal’s medical expenses.

We are thrilled to support Shana’s cause and it is my sincere hope and prayer that the people in and around her area will also help Shana achieve her goal,” Dorson said.

According to reports, Kadiak will continue to take steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs. Lowell manages to earn enough money for acupuncture and an MRI.