Unique kitten: this special needs little cat loved life and won millions of hearts

 Unique kitten: this special needs little cat loved life and won millions of hearts

Enthusiasm of a kitten with some differences surprises people.

A small gray and white kitten with twisted paws loves life and is happy to have found the home he dreamed of.

Lady Purr has arrived!

She arrived with a team of adoptive parents when she was almost 9 weeks old, hoping for a better life. And they called Alaska’s KAAAC because they had special food animals.

One of the workers at the shelter, named Shannon, arranged for a veterinary check-up to identify her problems. It was important to find out if she had any problems and if she could have a happy life.

Shannon said: “Fortunately, the veterinarian understood our hard work and the purpose of her examination. Lady Purr was in better condition than we expected. This cutie is full of love, affection, perseverance and courage”.

“Lady Purr was able to win the hearts of everyone in the clinic with her loving, courageous and flexible attitude. After the x-ray, it was clear that the crooked legs were due to an old spinal injury, but this does not bother her. She could run, jump and play like any other cat”.

When she was taken to the shelter, she immediately settled in, and she was given to sleep with a teddy bear. After a while, Shannon began introducing her to other animals living there, such as a cat named HarPURR and a dog named Cynder. HarPURR was happy to have a new companion and she also lost her hind legs like Lady Purr.

“HarPURR and Lady Purr were running around like little tornado kittens, full of energy and life, showing them how to love life and live a full and happy life”.

And Zola was overjoyed to meet a new kitten, as she had already raised many rescued kittens and wagged her tail with happiness.

Everyone was happy about the newcomer, and Lady Purr was happy about the new special family.

“The ability of these special needs animals to glow from within always surprises me. They don’t let anything affect their lives and teach us to put aside what others see as differences and live life to the fullest”.