Truly incredible friendship: this wonderful husky has found an inseparable best friend

Max, this husky, struck up a quick relationship with a beautiful duck.

Dog Max was only 6 months old when he was rescued by Patrick and Kirsten Riley, an amazing couple living in Minnesota, and this is a wonderful story of one of his unusual friendships.

Max quite calmly communicated with the second pet of the family, husky, with Sasha.

Unfortunately, Sasha passed away, leaving a large and lonely void in the Husky’s soul, which the Quaker Geese quickly filled with their presence.

Quakers, a cute duck that Max quickly became friends with, so they met a couple.

“Max always sat next to his pen and they just got close”, Patrick told WCCO. “They never left each other after we let him go”

“They travel together, usually hang out, eat and drink together,” Kirsten continued.

“Everything is in its place”. The couple is used to spending most of the day near Highway 28. Their bond is so amazing that locals often stop and admire it.

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