Trees or silent ”stars” that have become legends due to art

Trees that reflect works of art

Millions of citizens have become famous as a result of movies, music, and books, yet not all of these superstars are humans. Heroes who did not say a single word but whose very existence influenced the mood of the work can sometimes be the focus of attention. These quiet painters have transformed into… trees! They cheerfully accept signs of attention and carry the weight of their fame, just like true ”stars.” They are the subject of true pilgrims, and their photographs grace the pages of prestigious journals and the canvas of well-known painters. The analysis continues with the most iconic trees that have been honored through art.

Sycamore Gap

Сикомор Гэп.

Sycamore Gap is the most visited location in the English Northumberland Nature Reserve. The Hadrian’s Wall suddenly breaks off at the location where this tree grows. This construction runs the length of northern Britain, from coast – to – coast. The fig tree grows in Sycamore Gap, a valley between two hills where it was formerly a true ”star.” The tree gained notoriety after appearing in Kevin Costner’s 1991 film Robin Hood: King of Thieves. It has been dubbed the Robin Hood Tree ever since.

«Звезда» киноленты «Робин Гуд: Принц воров».

Дерево Робин Гуда.

Shawshank tree

”Red, make a promise to me. Visit this spot if you ever get out ”In prison, Andy Dufresne once told Red. Andy manages to flee, while Red serves his term until he is granted parole. On the advice of a friend, he visits the location and discovers a white oak tree. A box holding a note from Andy and cash to purchase a trip to Mexico is placed at its roots.

Дерево Шоушенка в одноимённом фильме.

This is a famous moment from the Shawshank Redemption, which was released in 1994. The tree that became renowned as a result of this movie once flourished in the Malabar Farm state park in Lucas, Ohio. Each year, 15000 people come to see it. One of the most well-known trees in movie history is the oak. The tree was tragically felled by a storm in 2016.

Дерево Шоушенка после падения.

Joshua Tree

U2 was prepared to publish their fifth studio album in 1986, when the iconic Irish rock group was getting ready to release their fifth studio album. He was given the nickname ”The Desert Songs” at the time. The scenery of the American desert influenced the artists to write the songs on this album. Anton Corbijn, the band’s photojournalist, was tasked with finding an iconic location to photograph them for the cover.

Участники рок-группы U2 позируют перед деревом Джошуа.

For the album cover, Corbijn recommended that the artists use a photograph of the so-called Joshua tree. It is a particularly resilient plant that thrives in the southwestern United States’ deserts. This tree is bent in an unusual way and appears to be pretty interesting. The tree is named after Joshua, the Old Testament prophet, because its branches resemble hands outstretched in prayer.

Дерево, когда оно ещё стояло.

This was a great idea for Bono, particularly because of the biblical foundations. The singer was so taken with the album that it was given the name Joshua Tree. The band then proceeded in quest of an appropriate tree. They noticed this while standing alone and took a picture of it. Either the tree was super fortunate, or the musicians were quite brilliant, because the duo was a huge hit. The record went on to become one of the best in world, and U2 went from a famous Irish band to global superstars.

Дерево Джошуа сегодня.

The songs from the album ”Joshua Tree” are still popular today. Millions of people made pilgrimages to the tree that graced the cover. Regrettably, the artists were unable to recall the specific location where it grew. Two individuals died in the desert from weariness while searching for this tree. The tree was marked with a memorial plaque. A violent wind broke the famed tree, which was more over two hundred years old, in 2000. It still stands there today, attracting U2 admirers from all around the world.

Если вы хотите посетить легендарное Дерево Джошуа, оно находится на шоссе 190 с координатами: 36°19'51,00. с.ш., 117°44'42,88. з.д.

El Pino

Despite the fact that Taylor Hackford’s 1993 crime drama Blood Pays with Blood flopped at the box office, it has a huge international fanbase. Each year, a large number of them travel to Australia to see the Bunya Pine. On the intersection of Folsom and Northern Indiana roads, this tree can be found. This is where the movie’s plot unfolded. Damian Chapa’s person looks at him wistfully in one of the artwork’s most memorable images and says, ”For me, this tree represents East Los Angeles. It feels lovely to be back at home.”

Эль Пино в Восточном Лос-Анджелесе.

Now everyone knows this tree under the name ”El Pino” or ”Pine”.

Whomping willow

The ”Royal Beech,” an ancient beech, grows near Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. This strange tree is well known for portraying the magical Whomping Willow in the Harry Potter film Prisoner of Azkaban from 2004.

«Королевский бук» или Гремучая ива в Хартфордшире, Великобритания.

This tree is more than 400 years old. It’s something I’ve known about for a looooong period. It is even protected by the government as one of the oldest trees on the planet. The Archbishop of Canterbury himself signed a certificate confirming this. The tree, sadly, fell down in 2014. It was so old that it couldn’t bear the weight of its own body.

Anne Frank tree

A massive horse chestnut tree grew near the secret room in the Netherlands, where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis for two years. Each morning, the young lady climbed the stairs to the loft and gazed out the window at the towering tree. ”A bare chestnut, on the trees of which small beads of rain glitter, appearing silver, while seagulls and other birds glide in the breeze,” she wrote in her diary. As soon as all of this remains, and as long as I can live to see this, see this sun, see this clear sky, I can’t be sad,” I reasoned.

Тот самый конский каштан.

The book that was eventually published based on these notes went on to become one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century. The tree is well-known all throughout the world. He was looked after, but he wasn’t saved. The famed chestnut tree was destroyed by a typhoon in 2010. He was about 200 years old at the time. His seedlings can now be found throughout the Netherlands, the United States, and Britain.

Chief Oak

Главный дуб.

Major Oak is a big sprawling oak near the village of Edwinstowe in Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest. Local legend tells that Robin Hood and his merry men once slept beneath the luxuriant branches of this old tree. This oak tree is well over 800 years old. It used to be known as the Rooster Tree. Cockfights were held in this location in the nineteenth century. The Chief Oak was given this name after famous archeologist Hayman Rook featured it in his classic book on old Sherwood oaks. This is the most well-known tree in Britain.

Ghost gum in Central Australia

Corymbia aparrerinja.

Ghost gum, also called as Corymbia aparrerinja, is a well-known and famous deciduous tree native to Central Australia. It grows to a height of two tens of meters and has a very smooth white bark. The tree can produce lovely white flowers in the summertime, which convert into corky fruits with a charming glass appearance in the fall.

Призрачная камедь.

Albert Namatjira, an Australian painter, is credited with bringing honor to these trees through his works. He is so well-known in Australia that replicas of his art may be found in practically each house.

Картина Альберта Наматжиры.

Картина Альберта Наматжиры.

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