Touching story: this dog was left alone, but she passed 200 km to see her owner again

The dog girl has walked over 200 kilometers with tea in her eyes.

The dog passed more than 200 kilometers.

Maru was born in a cradle in the Russian city of Novosibirsk and brought up a couple in Krasnoyarsk. The dog knew only people who, she believes, would be her parents until the end of her life for six months, but she fell in love with them.

However, unfortunately, these people decided to put it back in the crib. The woman who filed an application for adoption turned to the institution where they returned the child, saying that she had an “allergy” to the animal.

The dog was loaded into the carriage of the Trans -Siberian Railway, heading to Novosibirsk.

The grief killed, Maru remained on the train with a guide, who safely leads her to the destination.

However, the animal managed to escape while stopping the train near Achinsky. Mara’s feet opened a small compartment into which she was transferred, and when the train stopped, she jumped out of the tram.

The stolen small creature in a matter of seconds escaped from the person who looked after her and went into the forest.

The attendant shouted her name and tried to contact her, but in the darkness of the night it was impossible to find her.

Upon learning of a small animal, Morozoka informed the owners about this and asked their help in moving Maru. The woman, on the other hand, claims that they were not spared or upset.

They abandoned the dog, so they felt that the responsibility completely falls on the shoulders of the woman. Breathing about Maru, Morozova decided to publish her whereabouts and distribute leaflets in the hope that someone would see her and find out.

Maru was found in the industrial district of Krasnoyarsk, in the same city where she lived for several months.

When Maru was discovered, she had wounds on the face, which were probably caused by a fall from the train during the escape.

Maru was exhausted and cried when the volunteers saved her. We cannot imagine the pain and sadness that this little girl must have experienced during her days of wandering alone.

Fortunately, Maru returned to her crib and reunited with her biological mother, brothers and sisters.

Morozova foresaw that a smart animal in the railway tracks would return to the former owners.

Despite their rejection, she considers them a family.

This is an amazing story because of dog energy, but we hope that such crimes will no longer be repeated.

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