Touching story: a dog with an abnormal jaw never lost faith that he would find a caring family

This dog displays a deformed jaw, caused by a birth defect.

Although gentle and cuddly, Zeke is not yet adopted. Main reason? Its difference… The dog smiles.

Zeke may have won the hearts of the staff at the NOAH Center in Stanwood, Washington, but he has yet to win the interest of a potential adopter.

The dog has a deformed jaw caused by a birth defect. Dodo says he has had several surgeries and will need more as he grows older.

His atypical physique and his special attitude clearly frighten some people … A few months after arriving at the orphanage, Zeke was adopted. But not for long…

Orphaned again, Zeke has not lost his zest for life.

“He’s an honest and sweet gentleman with a face you can’t help but fall in love with”,  said Katrina Wedin, one of the caregivers.

His benefactors are again looking for a friendly and reliable family that will give him the care and love he deserves.

Meanwhile, Zeke happily runs and snuggles up to his guardian angels’ wings. With a cheerful and dynamic personality, she is full of hope and continues to display her sweet smile, which is his charm.

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