Touching scene: this wonderful cat became happy when he saw that his owner-soldier came back

Returning home after a deployment, a soldier is entitled to a festive welcome.

Returning home after several months of military service, a soldier is entitled to the most festive reception from one of his cats. The last one named Finn let his joy explode when he saw her open the door. All this was filmed by the soldier’s companion.

In most of the videos showing the reunion of a pet and its long-absent owner, the main character is a dog.

However, despite being known for being more independent and less pompous, cats also know how to show their joy when they find their human after a breakup.

Finn’s attitude is the best proof of that. The demeanor of this adorable Ragdoll perfectly matches the character description of this breed, which is known to be infinitely sweet and affectionate.

In this touching scene, filmed by Nick’s partner, a soldier returning from a months-long tour of duty, Nick prepares to open the door to find his family eagerly waiting for him.

A video posted on YouTube and published by Daily Animals News shows Finn standing outside the door, realizing his man is there, and growls impatiently.

Good flight to take his embrace

Nick then stops the tension.

The castle comes to life and she finally steps inside, puts away her things, and Finn jumps into her arms, which he has been deprived of for so long.

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