This wonderfully intelligent dog helped his master clean the yard: he constantly held the bucket with his teeth

This dog’s task was to hold the trash can while his owner picked up the trash.

The video was discovered by the man’s niece, who notes below that it was a common sight in her uncle’s home and his trusty lab pup.

Undoubtedly, the animal species with which we understand each other best must be dogs. Horses and cows helped us live to the age we live in, and cats certainly captivated us for a long time, but it was dogs that have been with us for centuries, providing their help in exchange for our care and convenience.

The evidence for this is that dogs are already so accustomed to our presence that with a little repetition they are able to learn very advanced behaviors.

We’ve all seen these little dogs that can do tricks like fetch a ball or play dead. But nothing like the puppy shown in the popular YouTube video has ever been seen before. The puppy does not entertain visitors with special antics, but helps the owner in everyday affairs.

In particular, it is problematic to hold the trash can while the owner collects garbage from the curb.

The first thing that catches your eye in the video is a man in a red shirt sweeping with a broom at the entrance to his house. But the second part, which can be somewhat annoying (leaving garbage in a container, keeping the same container so that it does not fall apart), acts as its counterpart.

A faithful Labrador puppy is waiting nearby, no less than a bowl in its snout.

Even when the owner approaches the litter, ready to throw it into the container, the puppy lowers its head to make it easier for itself.

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