This wonderful dog tries to prove to everyone that he is good boy and escapes trapped cats

Harvey decided to prove to the world that he is a good boy and hero.

Harvey, a loving mongrel, was taken over by the True Friends of Animals Society because his owners were divorcing and no longer able to care for him. Every day he patiently waited for someone to adopt him.

Since no one had stepped forward in four years, Harvey was determined to prove to the world that he was a good guy and a hero.

Harvey was walking one of the shelter’s dog handlers when he started barking near the storm sewer. They slowly approached the drain for a closer look and found the trapped baby.

The cat shelter service arrived at the scene to help rescue the kitten, only to discover that more than one kitten was trapped.

The orphanage posted a story on Facebook, stating: “With constant checks, the team finally won.

Two weeks after finding the first kitten, we were able to find two more and rescue them.”

The three red cubs were named Beta, Bree and Brewster. Harvey’s instincts and heroic instincts showed up just in time, as it rained for several days after rescuing all the babies.

All three have been placed with loving foster families and will soon be available for adoption.

However, Harvey is still looking for his eternal home. This good boy loves to play ball and just needs someone to give him time to adjust to his new family.

The orphanage adopted a cute boy as part of their “True Friends” orphanage care program. A program that makes room for animals that are harder to accept due to a terminal illness, health condition, or behavioral issues

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