This wonderful dog is looking for a new family after the tragic death of his master

A dog which had lost his owner in tragic circumstances was waiting to be adopted.

A loving new family is looking for Meo, a dog whose owner was killed in an attack last week.

A dog that has lost its owner in tragic circumstances awaits an appointment at the Lorient Spa.

The tragedy happened last week, on the night of Thursday 25 to Friday 26 November, at the home of youth worker Aura (56 years old). The victim of this murder is a sixty-year-old night porter.

The suspect was detained and taken to the police, after which he was forcibly hospitalized in a specialized institution.

The night watchman had a dog, a boxer named Meo, and a 5 and a half year old. After the attack that claimed the life of its owner, the four-legged animal was transferred to a spa in the city of Lorient, which was contacted on Facebook.

“Lovely dog, not aggressive towards people”.

It is said that Meo is tattooed, grafted and that he had a garden with his late owner. So, ideally, a boxer’s new home also includes outdoor space.

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