This wonderful dog is always eager to receive a letter from her family, so the postman meets her every day

A postman in and a Golden Retriever became great friends.

While most people think mail carriers and dogs don’t get along, this touching anecdote proves just the opposite. In Australia, the postman and his golden retriever are great friends, and their daily ritual is meant to make people smile.

Australian postman Martin Studer first met Pipa when he began delivering mail along a new route a few years ago. So far, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, but this cute dog delivers mail to the whole family.

And since letters do not arrive at Pipa’s family address every day, the postman figured out how to cheer up the dog.

It’s hard not to reciprocate when such a cute puppy comes up to you every day and greets you. As a result, Martin began to send special messages to his dear friend, which he sent to her on the days when her family did not receive anything.

As a result, the friendly postman and Pipa are able to meet every day.

The postman always made sure that his four-legged companion was happy all the time.

One person said, “Thank you for being such a fantastic postman and Pipa is such a sweet Love from Minnesota”.

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