This wonderful dog found a kind and caring family thanks to his unique and inimitable smile

When this dog flashed the cutest smile, every employee fell in love with him.

Cheech was spotted homeless on the roads of Texas at the age of two and taken to a local shelter.

Hoping to find him a forever home, he was welcomed by the Waller City Animal Orphanage and Rescue.

The shelter staff assumed that he would be afraid of unfamiliar situations because he was so small, but Cheech proved them wrong right away.

Cheech started showing the most charming smile in his cabin, leading the staff to believe he was sad.

But then Cheech flashed his most beautiful, shameless smile, and every employee immediately fell in love with him.

He is the friendliest dog you will ever meet.

On Shelter’s Facebook page, Sipe posted images of Cheech’s gorgeous smile, and the internet immediately fell in love with the cutest baby.

Cheech and the temple were delighted with the number of requests they received for Cheech.

The team eventually found the perfect candidate, a woman whose previous puppy had died of cancer and her current dog was confused.

From the moment they met, it became obvious that they were destined to be together. All Cheech wanted was to hug his new siblings, Dusty, and his new mother.

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